HTM01-05 & Dental Unit Water Lines

Dental Unit Water Lines & the HTM01-05

Some confusion has been raised by the current version of the new HTM01-05.

HTM01-05 Reference 6.83 states: Self contained water bottles (Bottled Water System) should be removed, flushed with distilled or RO water and left open to the air for drying overnight. They should be stored inverted. This is NOT the case when using the Alpron System.

HTM01-05 Reference 6.84 states: Where visual contamination is present, flushing with a suitable disinfectant followed by a thorough washing is necessary. The manufacturer’s instructions will specify the disinfectant to be used and may also require the continuous presence of antimicrobial agents to prevent the build up of biofilms.

HTM01-05 Reference 6.86 states: Disinfection of DUWLs should be carried out periodically. In all cases, the manufacturer’s instructions should be consulted. Sodium hypochlorite and isopropanol and a number of other agents have been shown to be effective in the removal of biofilm as well as the reduction of microbacterial contamination. However, these agents should only be used where recommended by manufacturers. If they are used, care should be taken to ensure that DUWLs are thoroughly flushed after disinfection and before being returned to clinical use.

HTM01-05 Reference 19.35 states: In addition to residual biocidal techniques, there are other manufacturer-specified treatments that are developed for use on DUWLs and other associated dental equipment.

REFER to the manufacturer’s instructions for their correct use.

When using the Alpron system, please read and follow the instructions supplied, this includes leaving the bottle on the system overnight. It is only removed to refill with the diluted Alpron or for Cleaning. A Biofilm Removal Protocol should always be carried out before using Alpron for the first time. This is also necessary for newly fitted dental units.

A semi quantitative Dip Slide test should be done every 3 months to show compliance to the EU Directive 98/83 for potable water. This states the recommended level for potable water is 100cfu per ml (colony forming units).

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