A-dec UK have introduced an eagerly awaited update to the rock solid Performer dental unit. Now fully ambidextrous - without the use of tools in just seconds - the Performer LR+... gives you more flexibility than ever before. To add to that, there's an aesthetic upgrade in the shape of a contoured pump cover and floor box, which hides that rather unattractive umbillical tubing and large square floor box.

The Performer LR+ is built using the same tried and tested technology that existed in the previous models, so we know that it is built to last. We've installed Performer dental units for over 20 years so we know everything about them...

The old Performer suction arm used to break off when the chair came down on top of a stool. Now they've got around that by attaching the bracket and arm to the back of the chair, reducing the risk of that happening again. Patients trip over the long umbillical? Now they've got rid of that unsightly tubing and contained everything rather nicely in the hard-wearing, contoured covers. 

That's about it really, because everything else is and has always been built to last and designed impeccably. 

Performer is all about robustness, value, and as it says it in the name, Performance.

Performer LR+ Full

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