Dürr Dental‘s expertise and quality is now available to you for all your X-ray system needs: from X-ray sources, X-ray film developers and scanners through to sensors and imaging software. Dürr Dental offers you a complete system from a single provider which assures you the best image results thanks to optimally matched system components.

This is what really matters:

  • Modern, slim design for easy, precise positioning
  • Easy operation concept
  • Perfectly matched to image plates and sensors
  • Highly reliable and long service life for X-ray tubes
  • Constant radiation mA and kV levels are adjustable
  • DC generator with 0.4 mm focal spot DAP (dose area product) after exposure


Technical Data VistaIntra DC

Power input (V, Hz) AC 100 - 240 10 %, 50/60
Power consumption (W) 500
Tube voltage (kVp) 60 - 70
Tube current (mA) 4 - 7
Tube length (mm) 200 (300 optional)
Radiation field limits (mm) Ø 60 / 30 x 40 (20 x 30 optional)
Exposure time (sec.) 0.04 - 2
Focal spot (mm) 0.4 (IEC 336)
Total filtration (mm) Min. 2.0 Al
Weight kg 18.5
Height (mm) 1730
Arm length (mm) 1744 / 1894 / 2194



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