photo of A-dec ICX Tablets (5 X Boxes of 50) 2.0L

A-dec ICX Tablets (5 X Boxes of 50) 2.0L | Products

First of all, ICX is incredibly easy to use. Simply add one tablet to an empty self contained water bottle before each filling. As the tablet dissolves, it releases ingredients into the water which helps prevent accumulation of odour and foul taste bacteria. Measuring or mixing is not required the effervescent ICX tablet does the work for you.

Best of all, ICX continues working in the system with each treatment. This protects the waterline from further contamination and reduces (or may even eliminate) the need for frequent shock treatments, and since the concentration of ingredients in the water remains very low; ICX won't harm your team, your equipment, or your patients.

So with ICX you can have peace of mind knowing that your water line maintenance protocol is not only easy and effective, but also safe.

A-dec ICX 2.0L (5 BOXES OF 50 TABLETS)

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