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Planmeca ProScanner™ offers a fast scanning process and smart design details to support your everyday tasks. It is a powerful solution for both chairside and shared multi-room use. Plan Meca Pro Scanner for Digital Imaging processing


Full-featured imaging plate scanner for both chairside and shared multi-room use

Easy and intelligent use

Scanning is made easy with a magnetized ‘push and go’ feeding tray that is inserted for scanning with a simple push. Imaging plates snap to the feeding tray easily thanks to their corresponding magnets. The embedded eraser prepares the plates for immediate reuse. After each scan, a preview image is displayed on the scanner’s LCD touch screen for instant verification of the result.

Compact and fast

The small and compact Planmeca ProScanner™ with streamlined and elegant design fits any room. Top-quality images are acquired in just a few seconds.

Smart imaging plates in all sizes

Planmeca ProScanner supports all imaging plate sizes – 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4c. The extra thin plates are comfortable for the patient, and are equipped with an RFID chip holding an electronic serial number. You can count exposures, control the quality and view images using the serial number of each plate in Planmeca Romexis® software.

Pro Scanner for Multiroom usage


Plan Meca Pro Scanner

New image plate scanner for top quality images from Plan Meca.


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