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Lisa 500 Series

Economical, Flexible, Practical

With the programmable delayed cycle start you save time and energy costs. Made-to-measure automatic cycles reduces the cycle time according to the number and type of items to be sterilized. The integrated memory card with USB reader archives the sterilization and test cycle reports.

The Lisa sterilizer has an integrated and automatic traceability system with user identification and load release option. The double micro-processor technology manages the integrated traceability software which guarantees the speed and efficiency of the sterilization cycles.

The patented water separation and filtering system prevents the penetration of oil residues and other impurities in the vacuum pump. Through the automatic Air Detection System the automatic cycle performance is ensured and the result is an addionally extra safety infection prevention.

Main Features:

  • Made-to-measure automatic cycles
  • Integrated and automatic traceability system
  • Integrated memory card
  • Patented water separation and filtering system
  • Automatic Air Detection System
  • Built-in dust filter to the protection of the internal components
  • Programmable delayed cycle start
  • Water quality sensor
  • Sterilization in record time of unpacked instruments with the Lisa fast cycle

Lisa 500 fast cycle

To meet the strict requirements of the sterilization standards, all the air is extracted, from the sterilization chamber and the tubings of the turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces.

In W&H Lisa sterilizers, the air is extracted by a fractional prevacuum process optimized for straight and contra-angle handpieces and a drying process. Unpacked solid instruments and also turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces can be removed fully dried from the Lisa autoclave after just 14 minutes with the fast program. This means huge time savings for every dental practice.


Lisa Sterilizer; Traceability at your fingertips 

W&H Lisa 500 user traceabilityThe Lisa autoclave has a user authentication traceability option which makes it possible to identify both the user who starts the sterilization cycle and the user
who releases the load via username and password.

The menu is integrated in Lisa’s firmware and is therefore directly accessible
from the autoclave touch-screen. Load release will only be authorized if the sterilization cycle has completed successfully.


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Installation and training provided with purchase.

Exclusive of VAT.

Free Installation limited to within England only.

W&H Lisa 517 Fully Automatic Autoclave

Type B water steam sterilizer with 17 Litre Chamber, Class B automatic cycles, a fast cycle and integrated traceability. 

£4,650.00 (exc. VAT)


W&H Lisa 522 Fully Automatic

22 Litre Chamber, supplied with reversible rack, 5 aluminium trays, funnel, drain tube and tray holder

£5,300.00 (exc. VAT)