Bambi are a reliable and trusted manufacturer of Air Compressors, based in the Midlands, since 1977. All of the Mercia Dental technicians are factory-trained at Bambi, and have taken courses on all compressed air systems used for dental applications.


Our most popular product ranges are the VT, VTS and VTSD models. These products are engineered to an extremely high standard and due to the oil-free running and anti-bacterial coating on the air receiver, provide clean, dry air, which is HTM complaint and fundamental in all dental procedures.

Product Range


VT Range - Oil Free Air Compressors

Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor.


Bambi’s revolutionary VT range of oil free compressors is available with our innovative air dryer unit. With quality the key word, our oil free, clean & dry air units are class leading and packed with the latest features.

  • Soft start valve
  • Internally coated receiver
  • Air dryer
  • After cooler & coalescing filter
  • Sequential start

At the heart of the VT range is our all new Vee Twin pump unit with one of the lowest noise levels of any oil free compressor available, made possible by the very latest “tilting piston” technology. Perfect when you demand the highest possible air quality for critical applications; dentistry, scientific laboratories, food packaging, pneumatic controls, hospital ventilators, drink dispensing – and anywhere when low maintenance is essential.


VTS Range - Silent Oil Free Air Compressors

bambi vts.jpg

Our unique VT range of air compressors has exceptionally low noise levels compared to other oil free compressors, but we know that there are times when total silence has to be achieved.

Recognising the need for silent oil free compressed air, Bambi has developed a brand new range of totally silent models.

Introducing the Bambi VTS Range.

Not just an acoustic hood but, a dedicated silent range, engineered from the ground up and with a stunning design that will look great in any location!

Something which looks this good, should be able to take pride of place in your workspace.

The same great features incorporated into the VT range plus…

  • Highest quality of compressed air available
  • Noise levels as low as 54dB(A)
  • Four thermostatically controlled cooling fans
  • Optional integral air dryer and after cooler (-40°C Dewpoint)


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