Mercia have been supplying and installing Cattani suction and compressed air products for over 20 years. Our engineers are highly experienced and meticulous when it comes to installations, maintenance and on occasions, fault—finding. We can offer a 3 year warranty on all Smart systems, and 5 years on all compressors!

Cattani are distinguished for their performance and reliability as well as reasonable and affordable prices on their products. All their products are hand-built and require barely any maintenance, but do provide a reliable maintenance service if you require it. They strive perfection in dental compressors and suction systems throughout the UK.



Oil-less air compressor

Cattani AC100 Air Compressor

Cattani AC100 Air Compressor

For a single surgery, we recommend the Cattani Single Cylinder Compressor, which can be supplied with or without dryer, and noise reduction options. This machine is oil-free and has a desiccant drying system to ensure the efficient delivery of clean, dry air. It is supplied with a high quality SMC pressure regulator.

For maximum efficiency, reliability and longevity, the compressor’s plant area should have an operating range of between +5 – 35°C.

Cattani compressor recievers are coated with BioCote® Silver Ion Technology which delivers highly effective protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould. Permanent antimicrobial protection, Guaranteed.

There is an option to upgrade to HTM2022 guidelines and all come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

Cattani compressors when correctly specified will deliver the minimum requirements of 50 litres/minute per chair (at 5bar pressure) when running simultaneously.

Cattani compressors are easy to maintain and have an operating sound level of below 70dB(A).


Larger practices

In addition to the AC100, Cattani produce a full range of Air Compressors, from the AC200 through to the AC1800 and custom builds.  Whatever your surgeries requirements, we can supply a compressor to suit.


Suction Systems

Over the years UK dental practices have routinely used suction systems that are designed for conservation dentistry. These systems provide high air flow and medium vacuum and should be used in conjunction with a large bore aspirator tip, whereas for Implant procedures, surgical vacuum is required. The characteristics are high vacuum (pulling power) and medium air flow, requiring the use of a narrow bore aspirator tip to rapidly remove heavy debris, blood, tooth and bone from a small precise area in the mouth.

The Smart range of suction systems from Cattani, are the only systems that can provide both high vacuum with continuous use for your implant & surgical procedures and a high air flow for conservation dentistry.

Cattani Smart systems are supplied with a 3 year warranty on all major components (Terms & Conditions apply).




More information

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