A-dec 500 Light LED


Brighten up your surgery

A-dec 500 LED light - web res.jpg

Everything about the award-winning A-dec 500 LED light is designed to give you the very best working conditions, to make diagnoses as quickly and accurately as possible. The light floods the oral cavity, reducing shadow and eye strain, while a cure-safe mode lends you more time to work with composites.

The intuitive functionality and lasting durability of the A-dec 500 is unrivalled. Precise positioning of the light is easy with our ergonomic 3-axis design. A simple tap to the base of the light allows you to control it, even during procedures.

The A-dec 500 replicates natural sunlight, giving you a perfectly balanced and clean white light. Economically smart and efficient, it consumes 80-90% less power and is more than 20% brighter than most halogen lights –  plus you’ll never need to change a bulb. A-dec designs and tests our lights for a minimum 20-year life, because we would never want to leave you in the dark.

Daniel Hood